Millions of Verizon customers data leaked

The private data of some Verizon customers was made publicly available by one of Verizon’s vendors.  The Israeli based company Nice Systems exposed the names, addresses and phone numbers of millions of Verizon customers.  The software security firm UpGuard, who uncovered the leak, also believes some security pins were exposed.

According to UpGuard, calls to Verizon customer service made between January until June 22, 2017, were logged and make publicly available after a security setting was inputted wrong.  Verizon says about 6 million customer accounts were made publicly available when an employee of Nice Systems put information into a cloud storage area and permitted external access to the information.

UpGuard informed Verizon of the leak when it was first discovered and it took Verizon over a week before they secured the data.  Verizon blamed the reaction time on a breakdown of communication between the reporting party and a member of their cybersecurity team.

If you are a Verizon subscriber, we suggest you check your account or maybe change PIN to be safe.